Li’tya Pedi Mask & Hydrating lotion Review

If you are one of those who are lazy to take care of their feet and always regret that then this post is for just you to fall in love with some feet products.

The brand which I am here to talk about is an Aussie brand known as Litya (pronounced le-dee-a) which means “Of the earth”. I am glad that I am able to use some of their products that are worth trying.

About Li’tya

Li’Tya is proudly Australian made and owned, certified cruelty-free with responsible packaging.

The native Australian ingredients and active extracts in the Li’Tya range are some of the most potent botanicals available. Wild Rosella, Lemon Myrtle, Kakadu Plum, Cherry Alder and Quandong are exceptionally high in Vitamin C, exfoliating fruit acids and natural antioxidants.

Some of their other key ingredients include Old Man Weed, which encourages cellular renewal and regeneration. Hematite assists to fight free radicals and is said to improve the density and firmness of the skin. Vitamins A and E and proteins are sourced from oils including Macadamia, Carrot and Avocado, while Munthari Berry contains a naturally protective wax, packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Tasmanian kelp, Mother of Pearl, Marine algae and plant collagen, are potent sea extracts that activate cell renewal, for stronger and smoother skin.


Rejuvenate fatigued and weary feet through the potent qualities of nutrient-rich Tasmanian Peat and Kelp. Packed with minerals and amino acids to feed your skin, this polish delivers a moisture surge to your feet. Ground Pumice has also been included as an ideal polisher of tough, dry skin. With the extremely stimulating and warming Native Pepperberry to increase circulation and refreshing Native Mint, this earthy mask works wonders as it smoothes, warms and freshens.


Put your best foot forward! This deeply penetrating and nourishing foot lotion is brilliant on neglected feet. Munthari Berry Extract with its high wax content creates a natural protective barrier between you and external forces. Aniseed Myrtle Essential Oil has been added for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties while imparting a grounding effect. With Cinnamon Essential Oil to increases circulation and Carrot Seed Oil to act as an antioxidant and improve skin elasticity. Great for cracked heels and feet prone to fungal infections.


The mask packaging is made of glass and it’s quite heavy that makes it feel luxurious. Comes with a small spatula which makes it easy to scoop out the product. On the other hand, the lotion packaging is plastic which makes it light-weight and easy to carry. Moreover, it has a cap and under that, has a pump. If you are concern about hygiene then it’s an assurance it won’t get dirty.

My verdict

It is suggested to use the mask once or twice a week, but I am only using once and already have seen the results. I have dehydrated, wrinkled and got some sunburns which are almost fade out since I started using.  Additionally, when applied it gives a nice cooling effect that takes away all the fatigue and tiredness. Once rinsed you can already feel your feet restored all the hydration it needs and got a renewed and healthy life.

Besides, the lotion ensures those regretted part of your body gets more hydration and all of them locked in until you apply in the next day. You just need a pump to cover both feet. It also will provide same cooling sensation and smells divine.

Overall, these products are worth trying and will provide impressive results from the beginning. Also, as they are organically sourced won’t give any kind of reaction. If you are thinking oh these are quite expensive, then don’t overthink, just invest. Cause this will literally last like forever and you will be surprised how amazing your feet feel after using.

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