Enbacci Hand Care Collection

In most of our beauty regime, hands are always neglected. Even if you have dry hands or any issues like roughness, you think eeeh I don’t really care how my hands look or feel.

I was kinda like that, just wash with regular hand wash and forget. As a result, mostly in drying season, suffered from itchiness, rashes and so on. However, was in the hunt for a good hand cream which could help to reduce the dryness and solve other problems.  And finally found something I really enjoying using, and that’s from my favorite Australian brand Enbacci.

According to the founder of Enbacci Yong-Li Zhou, “Our hands are constantly exposed to environmental pollutants. They are exposed to harmful UV rays while we are walking down the street, driving the car, talking on a phone, and playing most outdoor sports.”

Hence, we need to take extra care of our hands and therefore Enbacci brought Nourishing Hand Wash ($28rrp, 280ml), Brightening Hand & Nail Cream ($23rrp, 40ml) & Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream ($23, 40ml). You can buy them separately or all together ($65).

Nourishing Hand Wash

Contains coconut oil, an ingredient rich in medium-chain fatty acids, and moisturising powerhouse glycerine, to repair damaged skin cells, restore hydration and purify the skin from harmful surface bacteria caused by environmental pollutants.

From this collection, this one is my most favorite product. It smells so good and so gentle on the skin that doesn’t dry out. Has watery consistency, that’s why a little amount goes a long way. Love how it makes my hands so soft and feels like cotton.

Brightening Hand & Nail Cream

Includes an SPF protection of 15 and protects from oxidative stress and free radicals caused by UV sun exposure and environmental factors. Containing aloe, shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, this vitamin A and E rich cream also reduces the appearance of stubborn sun and age spots, wrinkles and fine lines, while preventing the onset of new ones.

I used this cream only a couple of times. It removed sunburn and stubborn discoloration from my hands. This also has a similar smell like the hand wash and cream consistency that easily soothes into the skin and creates a barrier between the hands and UV rays which is a bonus.

Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream

A decadent oil-in-cream emulsion that is formulated to match the pH level of the skin and fortify the hand’s natural protection barrier with a potent injection of essential fatty acids and vitamins for collagen repair.

This cream is my second favorite which solved itching and dryness. As the brightening cream, it also smells like the hand wash and that smell lasts for the longest time. Additionally, I struggle from skin peel off around the cuticle in the winter season which is reduced since using this cream.

Overall, I honestly do not believe how fast this worked on me and made my hands softest than ever.

Products were gifted but the review is completely honest.

Hope you enjoyed reading and found something interesting. Until next time take care.

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