Poni Cosmetics Unicorn Blush and Highlighter

Poni cosmetics is quite a new Australian brand which certainly became popular for their unicorn blush and the highlighter. I wanted to get my hands for such a long time, and finally, they sent me both of them. Kindly read the disclaimer.

Before going to the review, as usual, let’s know more about the brand.

Poni Cosmetics

Founder Evette wanted to create something which is unique yet any woman of any skill could wear them. Additionally, she wanted to make something that would be unlike any other makeup items yet versatile. Poni is created to light the confidence fire inside every woman when she applies our makeup because she looks good, she feels amazing and she feels powerful.

Now let’s talk about the packaging.


The actual package of the highlighter and the blush has a very sleek rose gold packaging with two unicorns facing opposite to each other, a “P” in the middle and little more illustration. The outer packaging for the blush comes in an ombre packet and highlighter in a champagne packet with the same design and more information about the product. Not even on the website but also in person, they are so beautiful yet lightweight that you can easily carry them with you as they’re slim and unlike the traditional packaging. Moreover, both the highlighter and blush has a mirror, which makes them more convenient.

Unicorn Candy Blush

It’s a very gorgeous ombré blush, with slight shimmery peach. When applying I just touched the product with a brush and without tapping off the excess (as I touched that very gently that didn’t know it would be like that), I dabbed on my cheek and BOOM. Literally, within a blink, I became a clown with a heavy pink cheek. I know it sounds horrible (and I know you are rolling on the floor by reading this) but I am mentioning this to say it’s way too pigmented than you would have expected. Anyway, I was able to tone it down without much effort. And it stayed all day beautifully without fading out a pinch. The color peachy pink, not a traditional peachy pink though, is so different with a subtle glow and so outstanding that is hard to find for a blush. And just one use made this my favorite already.

Unicorn Champagne Highlighter

As the name suggests, it’s a champagne highlighter. The most curated becca champagne glow wasn’t the one which impressed me. So I was excited about this one, had high hope that it would meet with the expectations. I applied with a fan brush and just one swipe made me say “Woooow”. Though I intensified little more because I am your glowing mama. Until I was in front of the mirror, I kept staring at the glow it provided and kept saying (silently) constantly “wooh”. I guess you already got the point that it’s a s-t-u-n-n-i-n -g highlight that you need in your life to shine brightly. Moreover, it doesn’t have chunky glitters, didn’t wash out my foundation rather because of this highlighter (and blush of course), I felt my makeup looked perfect.

Now you may know already if you clicked on the link before reading the review, that these are little pricey as like the higher end blushes and highlighters ($40 each). However, it may not look on the website or my picture but the pan size is huge. You will get 7. 14g/ 0.25oz of products individually. In that case, from my perception, the price is justified. Additionally, you will get free shipping for orders over $28 which is a great option. Most importantly, Poni cosmetics ships worldwide which is a huge plus point for my followers/readers who are outside Australia.

After trying these outstanding products from Poni Cosmetics, I have no doubt and can say confidently that definitely, I am looking forward to getting more products and would highly recommend to anyone who is in the hunt for such amazing products without having much effort on building the opacity.




  1. I love these kinds of highlighters! My cheeks always look so much better when I wear it. And I always get so many compliments. thanks for sharing this product, I definitely need to check out this next time I’m in the market to buy one!

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