Mast chew: Gum that you can swallow

Hello, my friends! Welcome to my blog. Today I am here with a completely different topic out of my comfort zone, which I believe most of us had to deal with in everyday life if you are a chewing gum lover, a gum that you can swallow. Traditional chewing gum takes 7 years to digest that may also cause gastric problems. Hence, Dr. Sharifi (the creator) came out with a substitute to traditional gum Mast Chew, which is a plant-based, organic,  100% natural gum with the minty flavor.

About Mast Chew

Founded by Dr. Sharif Sharifi in 2015, AFPI manufactures innovative foods and nutraceuticals on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. Known for his contribution to medical microbiology and the food and the pharmaceutical industry in Kurdistan, Iran, Dr. Sharifi applies his knowledge and experience to create innovative products that reflect the intrinsic relationship between food and science. Celebrated for Australia’s first locally manufactured and organic plant-based chewing gum, AFPI combines scientific knowledge with thousands of years of traditional health practices to pioneer the FMCG category. Using a gum base sourced from Pistacia trees, Dr. Sharifi has contributed to numerous peer review articles regarding the antimicrobial and medicinal properties of Mast Chew. AFPI’s professional staff are a committed team of Australian scientists who have contributed to the establishment of a number of laboratories and
manufacturing companies. They have also been teaching and conducting research in renowned universities worldwide.

As CEO, Dr. Sharifi was also the founder of Van Natural Chewing Gum, an organic chewing gum which was first produced in Kurdistan three decades ago.

Available Australia wide at

Retails 16-pc blister pack ($4.50) and 35-pc bottle ($6.95)

My Verdict

Whenever I go out I have to have something with me to get refreshment. But most of the chewing gum consists of sugar and so many other harmful ingredients, therefore, I was a little worried and stopped buying. However, the moment I discovered Mast chew, I felt relieved. This taste is also my favorite, mint. When you will open the packet you will get the minty smell which is so refreshing. At first, you will feel it’s a little stiff but once you will start chewing it will become softer and you can keep chewing for longer but it won’t taste bad like the traditional chewing gums do. I didn’t try to swallow as it sounds little scary but I can assure that if you’re health concerned then this is just the perfect gum for you as it doesn’t contain synthetics, latex, sugars, colors, additives or artificial sweeteners.

You might not believe but it’s on my mouth while I am writing the blog. Now I never regret to take this in my purse and put on my mouth whenever I fell like it. Finally, thanks to Dr. Sharifi who cared about people like us who always love to chew something.

I guess that’s all I wanted to share, though this topic is not my cup of tea, yet I feel I am success, that I could introduce you with something which would not effect on your health.

That’s all for today. Until next time take care. Love you :*

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