Bee hydrated honey water

Hey my beauty bees! Do know how much water Australian’s drink per day?

Water Logic Australia found that the average Australian only drinks 1.29L of water per day which is half of intake of water as recommended. Therefore, most of the Aussies suffers from constant dehydration, and reaches for sugar-filled energy-drinks over the relief of their bodies are begging for.

After knowing about the dehydration which is responsible for deteriorating daily health and energy levels, Joanne and Marina, 2 sisters from Melbourne fused together nature’s dream team of purified and mineralised water with 100% natural cold-extracted Australian honey to create Bee Hydrated Honey Water – Australia’s own healthy hydrating lifestyle beverage. It contains 3 grams of naturally occurring sugar per 100ml. Additionally, it’s not only contains honey with mixture of fruit juices and even coconut waters with low sugar content, but it really tastes so good to diminish your habit of drinking less water.

Further, Infused with high grade natural extracts and packed full of energy, anti-oxidants and electrolytes, Bee Hydrated Honey Water is nature’s hydrating energy booster all packaged in 100% recyclable BPA free bottles. The deliciously healthy range boasts 3 unique flavours each encompassing their own health benefits. Yes! you will be able to choose from 3 different flavours known as Relieve, replenish & revitalise.

You could find them here.


If you’re cinnamon lover then I promise you would definitely love it. It is infused with honey, orange blossom and cinnamon. I really relished the taste of it more than others because of (as you can tell) cinnamon. Also because it gave me such a refreshing feeling in this warm weather.



This has honey, lemon & green tea to help replenish the mind, body and soul. As I am not a green tea lover that’s why it tasted to me kind a weird. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean I hated drinking it but may not drink again as I know the taste of it already. But if you like green tea then probably you would find it better.


It includes purecold-extracted honey, ginger and ginseng to aid in revitalising our metabolism while enhancing nourishment and helping to strengthen the protective function of our immune system. This one is also another favourite of mine. Ya, I know you might be thinking I have a terrible tongue to taste anything better but if you guys are going to taste it soon then let me know if I am the only one? 😋

I know not only the Australians but also the significant numbers of people in the world are having similar problems related to dehydration. Therefore, I like to thank Joanne, Marina & the whole team of “be hydrated honey water” for creating such an incredible products. I hope more companies will come up with such innovative ideas to drain these sorts of issues. Lastly, I want to inform you if you’re not changing after trying “be hydrated honey water” then I don’t know what could alter your lifestyle. Trust me & go get some honey water today, you won’t regret it. Please keep in mind, these taste better when it’s cold.

Have a great day 😘



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