Sonia orts botanical alchemy

Hey, lovelies! Today I am so excited to share with you guys my most favorite mask and serum review. These were gifted but the opinions are completely honest.

About Sonia Orts

Sonia orts was a financial adviser for more than a decade. Her dream was to bring the Alchemy potion towards her family and others. She is fascinated to create products with purity, musicality, sustainability and of course green beauty. Sonia orts botanical alchemy was established to offer benefits beyond beauty. Products are completely free from any nasty ingredients to deliver the extraordinary results.

About the products

Sonia orts believe on the ancient Spaniards according to which the world was composed of four basic elements: earth, fire, water, and air. These elements were considered critical energy forces that manifested and sustained physical life in the universe.

As a creation of the material realm, the human body was also believed to be governed by these elements on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. Alchemists aware of the quintessence, as a force beyond the four elements, possessed the knowledge and abilities to respect, channel and harmonize these energies in order to achieve bodily equilibrium.

Decedents of such learning’s, Spanish alchemist skincare brand, Sonia Orts Botanical Alchemy, today releases The Alchemic Facial Protocol: a four-step skincare regiment carefully crafted to support, activate and improve the body’s natural rhythm, while refining the condition of skin and balancing the mind using elemental energies.

Enlisting natural and organic ingredients alongside ancient tools, precious stones and phases of the moon, the facial protocol includes the exfoliating Powdered Floral Cleanser (earth), re-texturising Purifying Powdered Radiance Mask (fire), antioxidant-rich Aqua Serum Elixir (water), and the deeply moisturising Whipped Hydrating Cream (air).

Stored in recyclable packaging, the range uses locally sourced ingredients that are kind to both the environment and the body. Designed to adapt to different skin types and conditions, the range is ideal for youthful and mature complexions alike, including those with sensitive skin.

Each product in the range is available singularly ($56 – $87 RRP), or in a full-size pack ($279 RRP) and a trial/travel pack ($79 RRP) via the online store.

My verdicts 

Purifying Powdered Radiance Mask (fire)

As par, the Spanish alchemy fire has the ability to purify and transform with the combination of warmth and dryness. This product aims to cleanse the skin thoroughly, reduce pore size, soothe and refine lines. It comes with a wooden spoon, with the help of it you need to pour the product out in a non-metallic jar to mix with water. Whenever I feel my skin looks dull and tired, I prefer to use this mask in order to boost up. After usage, I have seen instant glow and radiant on my skin. Moreover, it clears out any impurities out to serve healthy looking dermis. Additionally, if you’re up for a mask which will make your skin soft, nourished and ready for the makeup then definitely you will fall in love with only after one use.

Aqua Serum Elixir

In Spanish alchemy, water represents the essence of life. Therefore, this serum is targeted to hydrate the skin, refines pores, promoting firmness and elasticity
by depositing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants deep within the epidermis with the help of highly concentrated treatment containing iris, ginkgo and sacred
lotus extracts that have been ‘rhythmified’ with gold, blue sapphire,
aqua aura and tanzine aura gems. It’s a gel type thick serum, thus, I prefer to use it in my pm routine. This serum imminently tightens the skins with minimizing the size of the pores. As it’s quite heavyweight serum, you will love using any thin moisturiser in combination with it. In the next morning, you will be surprised by its result.

Overall, I am really enjoying using these bad boys which diminishing any skin issues currently I dealing with. If you want to invest in skin care items which would be worth spending then I would highly recommend sonia orts. Last but not the least, your skin will thank you for choosing such amazing products to have best results within and out.

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